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Why Liv CLean? 

Are you aware that there is a dirty truth about cleaning products? The average household contains 62 toxins. So, Liv Clean developed a solution to end the dirty truth on cleaning. Liv Cleans' handcrafted line of organic, toxin-free cleaning and refreshing products are safe for you and your family.

Made in America is more than just a catchphrase, it is the heart and soul of my company. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for all of your cleaning and refreshing needs. Why Live Dirty, When You Can Liv Clean? Live Different, Liv Clean.

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Meet Liv

Hi, I am Olivia Flowers, I am a member of the Jasper CEO program.  The CEO program opened my eyes to new opportunities, expanded my learning, enhanced new perspectives and new skills.  I am currently attending Eastern Illinois University Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Minor in Meeting and Event Management. I am currently a member of the Entrepreneurship Club at Eastern Illinois University.  I am the creator and owner of Liv Clean.  

All of my products are chemical-free and all-natural.  If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.  Thank you!

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